Lizums in facts and figures:
Area – 10779,1 hа (wood takes 49,5 %)
Population – 1414 (01.01.2017)
The distance up to Riga – 172 km, up to Gulbene – 28 km.

Local government institutions include: the secondary school, the parish library, the cultural centre, the gym-hall, the social service.

The word Lizums has several connotations. According to the Latvian Conversation Dictionary, ‘lizums’ stands for a tall man. It is likely that the first parish inhabitants were stately, indeed. Another interpretation of ‘lizums’ is associated with the inhabitants’ occupation, because in the former times there were a plenty of woodlands in this area. In order to cultivate the land, people had to clear woodland for tillage (līdums), and tillage in the local dialect was called līzums.
The largest production units – “Avoti SWF” Ltd. (wood-processing, furniture industry), „RAIRU” Ltd. (logging), “Brīvzemnieki” Ltd., “Augstkalni” farm, “Velēna” farm, (live-stock production), ” Dimdiņi” Ltd. (vegetable growing, processing), “Skriveru Saldumi” Ltd. (sweets production), “Talavas Ķeniņa Alus” Ltd. (beer),”Farmeko” Ltd. (hygiene products)”, A.P.” nonpublic company (manufacture of non-standard furniture).


Velena Church – a national cultural heritage treasure. There is a permanent exhibition about the church history and its congregation. Contact tel. +371 26387499.

The Memorial House “Saulieši” – Museum of Jānis Brekte. There is an art exhibition of the Brekte family artists. Contact tel. +371 29704088, +371 26970322, e-mail: patricija.brekte@gmail.com.

Lizums Manor – a national cultural heritage treasure. Since 1937 the manor provides premises for the school.

Lizums Secondary School Museum of Study of Local History – it is located in the tower of the manor. The museum’s exhibition provides materials about the history of the region, writer Apsīšu Jēkabs and other famous men from the region and a sculpture collection by Vilis Zvaigznītis. There are guided tours available in English. Contact tel. +371 64473732, +371 26550837, e-mail: novadpetniecibasmuzejs@gmail.com .

Lizums Windmill – a building constructed in the early 19th century. There is an arts exhibition hall that was opened in the 80s. Since 1992 Ilona Brekte has been the owner of the building. Contact tel. +371 29704088, +371 26970322, e-mail: patricija.brekte@gmail.com.

The Memorial House “Kalaņģi”. Writer Apsīšu Jēkabs was born in this house. tel.+371 22001973

Meadow Golf Course “Siltie” is located on the left side of the motorway Smiltene – Gulbene (P27). It is a 9-hole meadow golf course with equipment rental available. Contact tel.+371 29435267.


Coffee-house “Ozoli” is located in the centre of Lizums. On weekdays it is open from 10.00 to 17.00. Contact tel. + 371 64472458.
Coffee-house “Viga I” is located in the centre of Lizums. On weekdays it is open from 9.00 – 17.00, on Saturdays from 9.00 to 14.00. Contact tel. + 371 64472259.

ATM is located in the centre of Lizums by the local government building.
Internet is available in the parish council and in the parish library.  

You are welcome to make inquiries in English, Latvian and Russian by e-mail: lizumapagasts@gulbene.lv.


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